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Our modern CNC gear hobbing machines are capable of performing the most demanding jobs such as hobbing of spur gears or helical gears with different numbers of teeth, helix angles, and pitches in one clamping. Crowning, taper and other tooth modifications as well as complex gears with teeth timed to other features is easily accomplished. Skiving or hard-rehobbing of spur gears or helical gears after heat treat is a process that is often an alternative to grinding.

gear hobbing gear cutting gear manufacturing spur gears helical gears View technical data gear hobbing gear cutting spur gears gear manufacturing spur gears helical gears View technical data

Our (4) Koepfer model 200 hobbing machines combine current technology with maximum versatility and flexibility. These gear hobbing machines have auto-loading capability making high volume gear cutting fast and efficient. These gear hobbing machines are extremely accurate and will maintain size and precision throughout the day. In many cases, shaving of spur gears and helical gears can be eliminated because of the high gear cutting accuracy and speed of these machines. High spindle speeds of these machines also enable us to take advantage of new gear cutting tool material technologies and coatings. The Koepfer 200s also have the capability of dry hobbing when that is the best solution for a particular job.